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200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

October 31st, 2022

If you know someone who loves playing poker chances are you know someone who lives and breathes Texas Holdem. One of the reasons why this game is so popular is that it easy to learn and there is a lot of opportunity to bluff.

Texas Holdem is not only a popular game in Casinos but is also one of the most popular home poker games around. In honor of the games popularity the Poker stars chip company has made the 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case for all those Texas Holdem fans and fanatics among you.


The chips for the 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case is specially designed. These chips are 39 mm in diameter just like the chips you will find in a regular casino. They weigh 11.5 grams and feel like real casino chips too.

What makes these chips unique however is that words Texas Holdem is engraved on the chips outer edge as well as the Ace and King of diamond cards to represent the big slick hand. And you can get the chips in 7 different colors. These chips are copyright protected meaning that you aren’t going to find this exact set sold by any other company.

The Case

The unique and special chips in the 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case is combined with a beautiful and lightweight case made from aluminum with a scratch resistant plexiglass top.

The Aluminum bottom of the case is made from strong but lightweight airplane metal and lined with green felt,Guest Posting while the clear top allows you to display your set for every one to see. This case is large enough to hold all 200 chips with room in the center for the dice and cards and should last a life time.

Other Items Included in the Set

When you buy the 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case you not only get this sturdy and attractive case and the special chips but also 5 dice and two decks of cards. The dice and cards are arranged in the middle of the case with 100 chips on either side making for an attractive display.

What makes this set especially nice is that your have everything you need for a neighborhood game of Texas holdem all combined in one convenient case. No worry about getting to that Thursday night poker game only to discover someone forgot to bring the cards.


This specially designed 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case is reasonably priced at under $50.00 making it not only an affordable set to own but to give as a gift as well. While this specific Texas Holdem design does not make this poker chip case the ideal poker set for everyone it will make a great set for those who love playing Texas Holdem and those who are poker chip set collectors.

Texas Holdem Tips – 3 Tips on How to Succeed in Holdem

April 21st, 2022

Read this article for 3 Texas Holdem tips on how to become a better Holdem player and actually start making real money playing Texas Holdem.

Texas Holdem Tips – 3 Tips On How To Succeed In Holdem

#1 – Know Your Strategy

It’s vitally important you know your strategy before you actually start playing Texas Holdem. Too many beginners sit down at the table without a plan, making do with what happens and just going with the flow. This is just casual Holdem and is fine if you just want to have fun.

But if you actually want to make money you need to go in with a strategy. For newer players I would suggest a Tight Aggressive strategy. As you get more advance you can utilise a Loose Aggressive strategy.

#2 – Get Serious

If you are ever going to make some serious cash from Texas Holdem you need to get serious with the game. Treating the game like a profession, business or serious endeavor doesn’t have to detract from the fun of it. In fact, I have more fun working on my game, practicing and critiquing myself.

If you enjoy the randomness and luck of Holdem and don’t want to get too serious then it will only ever be a recreational activity for you. That’s fine, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you want to make money, supplement your job or even quit your job and play poker full time you need to get serious about it.

#3 – Start Tracking

This is a critical thing that everybody always misses. It’s not necessarily a requirement to success in poker but I feel it helps tremendously. You need to record all the things that happen to you.

- start with your bankroll,
- wins and losses.
- then add in more info like the strategies you used,
- the types of players you were up against,
- critical hands you won and lost,
- details of your feelings, thoughts, intuitions/gut feelings
- and if they were correct or not.

After a while (just weeks or months, which actually flys by anyway) you will have a plethora of amazing info to draw conclusions and realisations from. Nothing is more powerful. These are 3 easy to implement Texas Holdem tips that will help you really succeed at Holdem.